Waste Transfer Station

Our facility in Greater London accepts a complete range of wastes and specialist loads. The station uses the very latest sorting technology and operates every hour of every day.  It covers 11 acres, and can accept over 300,000 tonnes of waste material per year.

Easy to reach from London

The transfer station is situated close to several major arterial roads making it a convenient location for tipping wastes from throughout London and the South East.  It is situated just off the A13 trunk road, 5 minutes from the Blackwall Tunnel, 10 minutes from the M11 and just 15 minutes from the M25.It is in the heart of an industrial complex in River Road, Barking, and can accommodate vehicles of almost any size.

Quick Turnaround

The station delivers a quick turnaround.  The average turnaround time in 2020 was just less than 15 minutes. Booking-in is straightforward using our Avery-calibrated, self-service weighbridges.  They are fully automated and allow the driver to enter the transfer station without leaving their cab by using a touch-screen terminal accessible from their vehicle.

Wharf Waste Facilities

The facility is also accessible from London using the River Thames. The site contains two wharfs which can accommodate vessels up to 100m in length.  This provides an alternative to road transport for transporting wastes both from site to the transfer station and to their ultimate destination, reducing traffic congestion, fuel consumption and air pollution.  The wharf facilities are just six miles by river from Central London. Click here for more information. 

Map: click to view

Environmental Permit No: EPR-TP3697NP-V009 (WML 80535)

Operational Times: open 365 days a year

Opening Times: 24 hours a day

To find out more, please contact us on 0845 548 5500 or info@mcgrathgroup.co.uk