The McGrath Group’s comprehensive reporting provides a fully documented audit trail, for complete transparency and accountability which enables clients to assess the efficiency, progress and environmental impact of the wastes we have managed.

Our reports are generated automatically from data stored in our business management systems. Data from our field teams, weighbridges and materials recycling facility (MRF) in Greater London is automatically stored in our information systems enabling us to provide real-time data reporting.

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Our standard reporting typically includes:

  • Summary of material streams
  • Breakdown of materials by site
  • Breakdown of materials by type
  • Breakdown of materials by hierarchy categories (i.e. re-use, recycling, recovery, disposal)
  • Carbon emissions data (gross and net)
  • Full transactional summary
  • Industry updates


We can capture and process data about our client’s wastes using our Duty of Care/IWS system to create a similar model of the service’s ‘Waste Hierarchy’ and track this throughout the lifecycle of any contract to demonstrate continuous improvement.

We have also upgraded our systems to classify clients’ waste data into the categories of the Hierarchy of Waste. Each report provides a breakdown (by weight) of the processes used to manage wastes i.e. Re-use, Recycling, Recovery and Disposal. This data can be extracted and used to demonstrate compliance with the Waste Regulations 2011 and also the application of environmental best practice.


Our reports include a figure for the equivalent CO2 savings for material we reuse/recycle/recover as well as a breakdown of the destination of waste material according to the Hierarchy of Waste categories. This makes our reporting compliant with Scope 3 (Greenhouse Gas) Reporting and produces Hierarchy of Waste data compatible with the requirements of the Waste Management Regulations 2011.

The system has been validated and certificated against ISO 14064 Part 3. Clients can extract the carbon figures and add them directly into their Scope 3 Reporting software.


There is a wide variety of legislation that is required to be met in handling, storing, collecting, sorting, recycling and managing wastes. McGrath takes compliance very seriously and all of our services are conducted in full conformity with all impacting legislation.

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