Recycling and Materials

McGrath has developed Zero-to-Landfill fully integrated recycling systems which segregate wastes into individual material streams ready for re-processing into raw materials and new products.

Our key core priority is to optimize the recycling process for all the material we manage.  It represents, informs and influences everything that the Group does. Our Core Values are deeply ingrained as the fabric that drives employee behaviour, company decisions and actions.  In order to support our Core Value Statement, the McGrath Group has a number of key policies which are available upon request and for download.

Our London Waste Management facilities

We continuously research and invest in our London waste transfer station and service to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of the recycling industry. Our facilities use the very latest in processing technology to sort wastes into individual material streams ready for re-processing into raw materials for manufacture into new products. Material that cannot effectively be segregated for recycling are diverted from landfill and processed into a material suitable for fuel generation. The process is called Waste to Energy and the fuel it produces is called RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel.

Our priority is to provide superior customer support through robust management systems and highly trained staff who work safely and efficiently to deliver outstanding results. All of our customers are allocated a dedicated account support team who ensure that your partnership with us is professional and personable allowing your business to be handled expertly and efficiently.


The McGrath Group are accredited to various trade bodies and accreditations including PAS 402:2013 which demonstrates our commitment to supporting the waste industry in its journey towards a truly sustainable approach. This gives you the assurance that by using The McGrath Group you and your clients are making a tangible contribution to the reduction, recycling and recovery of waste materials.

We also operate an integrated management system which is certificated against international standards ISO 45001:2018 (Health & Safety Management), ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) and ISO 5001:2011 (Energy) which ensures our products and services are supplied safely, consistently and sustainably.  There is more information on our certifications and licenses here

Our commitment to the circular economy

We aim to be at the forefront of the circular economy and we do this in a number of ways:

  • We remain at the forefront of the recycling movement, and have done for over 40 years. We ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of recycling technology. Over the course of the four decades we have assiduously built our reputation for innovation. We embrace technological advances where they increase efficiency and improve our services.
  • We apply the concept of the Hierarchy of Waste as a template to maximise the environmental performance of client’s wastes.
  • We form strong long standing business partnerships based on sustainability, we are committed to delivering value across our operations.
  • We partner with a number of organisations that facilitate the re-use of a range of materials.
  • We have a zero-waste landfill policy, and are continually seeking to re-evaluate our processes for managing each material stream in an attempt to push the methodology higher up the hierarchy.
  • We act with transparency and integrity, and operate with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • We believe that innovation is key to our ongoing development.


Compliance and Reporting

Having such an influential role in one of the key environmental issues, waste, the McGrath Group believes it is our duty to lead by example and demonstrate environmental best practice as well as sharing our knowledge to encourage our supply chain partners and clients to reduce their impact on the environment. We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and associated governing bodies.

Our Grater London materials recycling facility (MRF) is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and inspected on a regular basis to ensure that we operate in line with current legislation.


We use a combination of mechanical, magnetic and manual processes at our state-of-the-art materials recycling facility (MRF) to sort and segregate the wastes into individual material streams. Large, identifiable materials are removed mechanically from general wastes which then pass through a series of trommels which segregates them by size.

Waste processing at our London MRF

We employ a variety of techniques to re-process all the waste streams into recycled products/re-usable forms or raw materials for manufacturing or industrial processes, these are carried out at our fully licensed facilities or those of specialist reprocessing partners. We have developed a network of specialist re-processing partners for recycling other materials. 

We are committed to delivering the most sustainable methods for managing waste. We follow the approach of the “Hierarchy of Waste” to prioritise how waste materials are managed. We have developed Zero-to-Landfill systems for processing wastes and the company provides industry-leading recycling rates.

Shredding – Plastics, timber and confidential wastes are shredded into a variety of different grades and used as feedstock for manufacturing
Pulping – Paper and card is graded then pulped and screened, cleaned and de-inked through a number of processes until suitable for re-constitution into new paper products
Casting – Metal waste will be separated magnetically into different elements and re-melted where impurities are extracted and the residues re-cast
Composting – Organic materials such as non-protein-rich food or green waste are composted which involves adding natural enzyme-based substances to accelerate decomposition
Washing – Construction/demolition and excavation wastes are processed via this close circuit waste treatment system
Crushing – Concrete, stone, inert and civil amenities waste streams are crushed into various different sizes and grades for use as recycled washed secondary aggregates


Please click the images below to access the relevant material data sheet.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

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We provide solutions for your hazardous waste management needs for every situation and would be more than happy to quote you on our services with just a quick call on 0845 548 5500 or email. We are able to assist you with disposal of a number of different hazardous substances, including but not limited to asbestos, clinical waste, paint, and solvents. With hazardous waste disposal regulations being upheld to such a high standard, it is vital to you that we offer clear and precise solutions. We offer complete transparency and assurances in everything that we do, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our hazardous waste department will classify, package and dispose of your waste in full accordance with current legislation.

Tel: 0845 548 5500 / 0845 658 8391