Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) for London

Our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Greater London accepts a complete range of wastes and specialist loads.  It can accommodate vehicles of almost any size.

Booking-in is straightforward using our Avery-calibrated, self-service weighbridges which are fully automated allowing the driver to enter the site without leaving their cab by using a touch-screen terminal accessible from their vehicle..

Zero to landfill

In October 2011 McGrath formally announced it had reached a 3-year corporate goal to achieve “Zero to Landfill”.

Advances in reprocessing technology combined with the development and implementation of our two new packaging plants have enabled us to collect and dispatch residues from our MRF for Waste to Energy processing which has allowed us to divert all but hazardous wastes from landfill.

Trade bodies and accreditations

The McGrath Group is accredited to various trade bodies and accreditations including PAS 402:2013. We also operate an integrated management system which is certificated against international standards ISO 45001:2018 (Health & Safety Management), ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) and ISO 5001:2011 (Energy) and ensures our products and services are supplied safely, consistently and sustainably. There are more details of our accreditations here.


Our MRF is easily accessible because it is situated on major arterial roads in and out of the capital.  It is just off the A13 trunk road,  5 minutes from the Blackwall Tunnel, 10 minutes from the M11 and 15 minutes from the M25. It also has wharf waste facilities so is also accessible to boats on the Thames

. Automated check-in at our London MRF


Our MRF in Greater London is in the heart of the industrial complex in River Road off the A13 in Barking. The 11-acre site has undergone major redevelopment to significantly expand our recycling capacity. We have installed the latest MRF process sorting technology.

Address:54-60 River Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0DW
Tel:0845 548 5500 / 0845 658 8391
Fax:0844 579 3560
Map:click to view
Environmental Permit NoEAEPR-TP3697NP-V004 (WML 80535)
Operational Times365 days

Wharf Waste Facilities

The site also has wharf waste facilities, with two wharves than can accommodate vessels up to 100m in length.  This provides an alternative to road transport for transporting wastes both from site and to their ultimate destination, reducing the traffic on London’s overcrowded roads.  The wharf waste facilities are just six miles from central London. There are more details here.


We have developed a network of specialist re-processing partners for recycling other materials. Metal waste is separated magnetically into different elements and remelted where impurities are extracted and the residues re-cast.

Plastics are shredded into a variety of different grades and used as feedstock for manufacturing of new plastic items. Paper and card is graded then pulped and screened, cleaned and de-inked through a number of processes until suitable for reconstitution into new paper products.

Waste being processed at our London MRF

Organic materials such as non-protein-rich food or green waste are composted which involves adding natural enzyme-based substances to accelerate decomposition.

Where possible we will always attempt to find destinations that re-process rather than recycle waste. For all wastes but particularly bulk items or ad hoc materials we collect, we assess if there is a potential re-use.

For example, we work closely with our service partners to ensure the most sustainable solution is delivered for unwanted office furniture and equipment. Good quality items that have no resale value are distributed to worthy local charities.