Skip Hire Magazine

Nov 2015

Mixed C & D wastes welcome

Advances in sorting technologies now enable high recycling rates to be achieved for mixed waste consignments. Tara Donaghy of the McGrath Group explains how.

Skip Hire Magazine

Oct 2015

The European market for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) continues to present opportunities

Tara Donaghy of the McGrath Group explains the opportunities for RDF for waste management companies in the UK

Skip Hire Magazine

Sep 2015

How comprehensive are your waste reports?

McGrath's new innovative waste report has been welcomed by the industry for setting a new benchmark in demonstrating compliance.


Aug 2015

Building sites unfazed by lack of space

Advances in plant and technology make post-segregation a viable alternative to on-site sorting of construction wastes, writes Tara Donaghy


Jul 2015

Sort a wider range of materials

Gerry Vines, Plant Director at McGrath Group, considers innovations that are emerging in sorting technologies.

Guardian sustainable business

Jun 2015

McGrath Group finds a way of measuring third-party emissions

Lynn Beavis looks at McGrath's system for assessing CO2 emitted during the waste management process