UROC Magazine

Dec 2020

A place for WtE in the UK

Tara Donaghy, Business Director of the McGrath Group argues that there is a place for Waste to Energy in the UK but only for genuinely unrecyclable residual wastes...


Jun 2016

Self-Service at the Night-Time MRF

Out-of-hours tipping at the MRF is becoming an increasingly popular service for London’s 24/7 waste industry.

Demolition and Recycling International

May 2016

Matters Arising

Some contractors are finding that they can benefit from favouring re-use over recycling of demolition waste.

skip hire magazine

May 2016

A sustainable partnership

A strong working relationship between a skip-hire company and a London MRF is key to providing good customer service as well as commercial value.

Skip Hire Magazine

Apr 2016

Best environmental practices make for long-term savings

McGrath's Zero-to-Landfill waste management system can protect skip hire firms from the perils of LOI testing


Dec 2015

We can do it in the mix

Controlling the quality of the input and output of materials recycling facility (MRF) is a crucial part of the recycling process says Tara Donaghy of the McGrath Group.