Tideway on Target

Posted on: 22 May 2019

McGrath clear construction waste from Thames Tideway Tunnel

The McGrath Group continue to work with Tideway on the build of London’s brand-new super sewer. Construction waste is removed by McGrath’s on a daily basis from the central section of the capital’s ground-breaking construction project which is now 40% complete and on target for completion in 2024.

Waste transfer for Tideway in LondonThis extraordinary development of London’s sewer network plans to tackle the problem of overflows from the capital’s Victorian sewage network. Construction is taking place at 23 sites across the city, building seven new pieces of land in the Thames and digging five giant shafts up to 50m deep below London, with a workforce of more than 2,000 tunnelling underground to create the 25km-long tunnel. The first kilometre from Battersea to Chelsea reached completion at the end of March and two other huge tunnelling machines have also started their journeys.

This landmark project is using the river instead of roads as much as possible in its build, cutting the impact on road congestion and air quality. McGrath’s ability to transport waste by water made possible by the two wharf waste facilities has been instrumental to minimising the carbon footprint of this pioneering project. Our wharf waste facilities just six miles from central London can accommodate 100m vessels with each shipload replacing an average of up to 140 lorry journeys.

McGrath supply the Tideway project with the necessary certified crane lifting skips for each waste stream, each one strategically placed around the site to be easily crane lifted onto the barge when full. Lockable crane certified skips will also be provided for municipal waste. Oil drums and IBC spill containment pallets will be recycled accordingly after being sanitised of oil residue.

As receiving waste by barge is governed by the tide, waste is also collected on site by our 14 to 20 yard and roll on/roll off skips. These containers are exchanged multiple times per day and since January 2019 have collected 178 tonnes from the Tideway project.

Business Development Manager, Scott Wood says “Most recently we welcomed the Tideway team to our Barking Materials Recycling Facility to showcase our waste processing technology. We are honoured to be part of such a revolutionary project for London and contributing to Tideway’s environmental initiatives through clearing their construction waste in the most sustainable way possible.”

London’s new super sewer will prevent tens of millions of tonnes of pollution that currently pollutes the River Thames every year.