Our People – Sorin Gilmeanu

Posted on: 25 May 2021

We talk to the multi-disciplined Sorin Gilmeanu who has mastered a number of skills and roles during his eight years at the company.

Sorin GilmeanuWhat do you do at McGrath Group?

I’m a Document Controller, working alongside the Invoice/Billing department. I love working on different projects, the job is so varied that every day is different but I’m still learning as I’ve only been doing it for a year or so. Fortunately, I have Lisa and Jamie to teach me the ropes and share their experience with me and help with the big decisions.

Occasionally I also work over at the Weighbridge as an Operator when they need some extra support. Some of the processes over there are automated with fob entry and registration recognition software in place which is great, but there’s still a manual bridge too which requires someone to operate it.

You’ve been at the company since 2013, what were you doing before working in the office as a Controller?

Yes, I arrived in the UK from Romania on 17th December 2013, and started at McGrath the following day. My English was basic at the time, and mostly what I had learnt at school and from American TV shows. I had no qualifications, so I started at an entry level position, hand sorting the waste from the belt. However, I worked hard, both at the MRF near London and on my English language, and progressed to Traffic Marshal in the yard and various roles around the site to where I am now. In the meantime, I also attended university and obtained a degree in Business Management and I’m now working towards a Masters in International Business Studies.

What have you learned in your 8 years at McGrath?

I think having worked in many roles throughout the facility, I’ve been able to learn the processes the waste goes through and have improved my knowledge on environmental and sustainability issues. I feel very passionately about sustainability now and it’s great to work towards that at McGrath.

What’s the best thing about working at McGrath?

Other than their commitment to sustainability as I’ve already mentioned, it would definitely be the community here. It’s such a diverse workforce, with people from Romania like me, or Poland or Ireland. I love the connections I’ve made here. I spend more time with them than I do my wife, so it’s important to be sociable and get on well with your co-workers! I think when you are friendly with your co-workers, you work much more efficiently, and we get on very well.

Quote to live by?

“If you’re not doing it with a smile on your face, you’re in the wrong place”