NQA COVID secure verification

Posted on: 13 Oct 2020

We are pleased to confirm that the McGrath Group has received NQA COVID secure status.

NQA Covid SecureThe NQA COVID-19 secure verification is designed to give companies, employees and customers confidence that an organisation has met specific government guidelines in terms of being COVID-19 secure in their workplace.

Launched by NQA the NQA SECURE Guideline Verification is an independent third-party verification with the purpose to:

– Reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19
– Ensure the safety of staff
– Verify that the company has met government guidelines

The government guidelines also require the undertaking of a risk assessment addressing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. NQA carried out a review of our company risk assessments, actions and plans and carried out an on-site assessment to verify that we had implemented the appropriate guidelines within the context of risk assessments and business activities recommended by the Government.

The Executive Summary of our audit report states:

This visit was successful and observed a good level of overall compliance.

Arrangements have taken into account practical elements such as segregation, revised work patterns and practices as well as provision and adjustment of infrastructure.

A site tour was undertaken, and this supported the arrangements made.

The organisation remains operational and has done so throughout.’