McGrath wins plasterboard contract with Hertfordshire County Council

Posted on: 16 Nov 2021

In June 2021 a tender to serve 17 local recycling centres across the county was advertised and, following a competitive process, McGrath was successful in procuring the contract.

The tender submitted, which was for the disposal of dry plasterboard material, included details on the full and complete audit trail we are able to provide our customers as part of our reporting abilities.

An online portal is available to all our customers to access 24/7, providing them with real-time secure access to their account data, waste recycling reports, Duty of Care and compliance documentation. These reports are also able to offer calculated carbon emissions generated during the collection, sorting and reprocessing of each waste transaction, equipping our clients and their stakeholders with the information they need for their own regulatory purposes.

Hertfordshire is a large county covering 634 square miles and has a total of 17 recycling centres across the region. Due to the range of locations, the most logical route is for the haulier to collect and tip the plasterboard waste at night.

This is where McGrath feel that the availability of our 24hr weighbridges and Materials Recycling Facility is an asset when bidding for such contracts. The reduction in congestion throughout the night, means that time and emissions are drastically cut, helping our partners to make savings on both. Furthermore, the accessibility at all times of the day and night can be crucial to the smooth running of our customer’s waste management efforts.

Matt King, Head of Waste Management at Hertfordshire County Council says: “We’re pleased to be working with McGrath to manage the disposal of plasterboard from Hertfordshire’s recycling centres. We’re confident they have both the technical capability and service availability we need to help us deal with this difficult material, so that we can provide a comprehensive recycling service to our residents.”