McGrath Group named as Axis Europe’s “Preferred Waste Provider”

Posted on: 25 May 2021

A combination of excellent customer service and detailed environmental reporting has catapulted the McGrath Group to the top of the property service company’s waste supply chain. Although our partnership with Axis Europe dates back to 2008, we have recently seen a noticeable acceleration in the number of projects we now service.

Axis Europe work on projects across the social housing, public, commercial and heritage sectors, from preserving and conserving, to refurbishing and renewing.

They have multiple projects ongoing throughout the capital. We are currently servicing twenty five, including the Metropolitan Police, various heritage sites, Government and Local Authority buildings.

Our ongoing partnership now means that our service desk deals with their Site Managers on a daily basis. This frequent and clear communication is imperative to the smooth delivery of service required when removing an average of 377 tonnes of municipal waste material a year, all of which is diverted from landfill and either recycled or processed for energy recovery.

Most recently, the majority of the waste tipped for Axis Europe has originated from the works including fire door replacements at a social housing project in Westminster. In addition, recent internal refurbishments on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Force at Belvedere Station has also contributed to the uptick in removal. Both projects have utilised our on-demand skip-hire service which is often provided at very short notice.

The waste typically consists of construction and demolition material, timber and non-hazardous scrap, and is segregated off site at the MRF, passing through an initial pre-sort stage to remove oversized objects before placed onto the feeding belt to be separated by size and segregated by mineral and non-mineral items. This process employs both manual and visual inspections as well as state of the art technology, and the end results can vary from recycled materials to fuel for energy.

Axis Europe consider several environmental factors when choosing a waste provider, placing great emphasis on sustainability and reporting. McGrath’s diversion to landfill, industry-leading recycling rates as well as community investment are all cited as benefits to the working partnership, and the online portal adds further value to this service.

The portal allows our clients like Axis Europe to track what waste is produced in order to implement processes to help reduce this in future. Furthermore, bespoke monthly and annual waste reports are easy to produce and relay to end clients, isolating certain sites and projects to communicate the exact amount of waste produced and recycled on each project.

Chelsea Rivers of Axis Europe commented, “McGrath has great customer service and are always happy to help clarifying any concerns, as well as a great customer relationship and are very understanding of our requirements. Special mentions to Scott Wood, Keith Crowe and Sue Graves for always being so helpful.”