Waste Operators

We continuously research and invest to keep our facilities and service at the cutting edge of the recycling industry. Our facilities use the very latest in sorting processing technology to sort wastes into individual material streams ready for re-processing into raw materials for manufacture into new products. Materials that cannot effectively be segregated for recycling are diverted from landfill and processed into a material suitable for fuel generation.

Our Barking based Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Greater London is easily accessible by road and you can tip a complete range of materials at any time on any day of the week – day and night shifts enable us to operate on a 24/7/365 basis.

Integrated wharf waste facilities enable us to accept waterborne waste deliveries.  Our wharf facilities can accommodate 100m vessels to provide a more sustainable method of delivering waste from developments in the capital and the Thames Gateway.

How we support you

Our key core priority is to optimize the recycling process for all the material we manage, providing superior customer support through robust management systems and highly trained staff who work safely and efficiently to deliver outstanding results.

We apply the concept of the Hierarchy of Waste as a template to maximise the environmental performance of clients’ wastes.

We have a zero-waste to landfill policy and are continually seeking to re-evaluate our processes for managing each material stream in an attempt to push the methodology higher up the hierarchy. We act with transparency and integrity, and operate with a strong sense of responsibility.

The McGrath Group is accredited to various trade bodies and accreditations including PAS 402:2013. We also operate an integrated management system which is certificated against international standards ISO 45001:2018 (Health & Safety Management), ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) and ISO 5001:2011 (Energy) ensuring our products and services are supplied safely, consistently and sustainably.

This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the waste industry in its journey towards a truly sustainable approach and gives you the assurance that by using our MRF facilities you and your clients are making a tangible contribution to the reduction, recycling and recovery of waste materials.

Fully automated tipping facilities

Digital processing systems allow loads to be booked-in and discharged quickly and easily while experienced, helpful staff are on-hand to advise, direct and inspect materials.

Booking-in is straightforward using our Avery-calibrated, self-service weighbridges which are fully automated. Weighing equipment is internally calibrated by our Maintenance team on a weekly basis and externally by the respective manufacturers.

Our system uses intuitive and interactive software which allows drivers to enter the site using touch-screen terminals, accessible to them from their cabs.

The equipment not only allows drivers to book themselves in and declare what they are carrying but also takes digital images of the load and vehicle number plate which then tallies with the inputted information. The waste tipping process therefore becomes faster, more robust and workable out-of-hours.

From an operational point of view, the automation and removal of paperwork strengthens the audit process and makes the whole experience seamlessly digital. Information is drawn into our electronic reporting process and, supported by the addition of visual documentation, provides a fully completed Waste Transfer Note and waste report.

This level of data further enhances our reputation for compliance in our waste management and recycling processes. Weight recording is a vital part of legislative compliance and allows us to provide comprehensible evidence of the wastes journey from arrival onsite to its final destination.

McGrath provides a comprehensive range of reporting to provide a fully documented audit trail for complete transparency and accountability which enables clients to assess the efficiency, progress and environmental impact of the waste produced.



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