Our advanced operational and contract management systems enable us to deliver bespoke waste management services to the construction and waste sectors across London and Essex.  We focus on delivering the highest possible levels of service to those clients.

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The McGrath Group has been providing waste services to the construction sector for nearly 50 years. Our integrated sorting and processing systems are ideal for managing mixed or partially sorted construction waste that, because of limitations on space or time, cannot be segregated at source.

We can accept segregated consignments or mixed construction wastes direct from site. Mixed wastes are sorted mechanically, manually and magnetically into individual material streams at our MRF in Greater London.  We can also receive waste via the river Thames in London using our wharf waste facilities.


The accessibility of our state-of-the-art Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) combined with customer management, integrated digital data management and reporting systems make the McGrath Group the perfect partner for other waste companies operating in London and the South East.

Zero-to-Landfill and Reporting

Our Zero-to-Landfill systems provide assurance that consignments which are received at our Waste Transfer Station are processed and managed in full compliance with legal obligations and the Hierarchy of Waste concept. Detailed reporting which includes innovative carbon footprint and hierarchy breakdown data evidences the excellent environmental performance of the process.