Weighing-up the benefits

Posted on: 3 Apr 2017

One year on and the operations team at McGrath can report that the fully automated weighbridge system at their London MRF is proving to be a success with clients.  Over 70% of regular customers have registered to use the weighbridges on a regular basis and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Automated weighbridge at London MRFNot only has the process of checking-in become faster but the waste data is automatically produced and recorded eliminating the need for extra paper work and any delay in reporting the figures.

The system uses intuitive and interactive software which allows drivers to enter the site using touch-screen terminals, accessible to them from their cabs.  The new equipment not only allows drivers to book themselves in and declare what they are carrying but also takes digital images of the load and vehicle number plate which then tallies with the inputted information. The waste tipping process therefore becomes faster, more robust and workable out-of-hours.

Harrow Green, a commercial relocation and storage company headquartered in Silvertown, London E16, was one of the first to embrace the new technology: “The introduction of the self-service weighbridges has assisted greatly in the speed of processing the vehicles and reporting,” says Tim Ryder, Harrow Green’s Operations Director. “This is particularly effective in the out of normal working hours activities. The system is quick, simple to use and supplies all the detail we require, allowing us to continue with our activities in an efficient and professional way.”

The weighbridge and MRF is open 24 hours per day and the self-service facilities are keeping turnaround time to under ten minutes.  The MRF is within 6 miles of central London.