Residual rewards

Posted on: 3 Apr 2017

McGrath’s state-of-the-art RDF waste processing system in London has enabled waste operator Haulaway Ltd to increase its recycling rates to nearly 100 per cent. The Sussex-based company provides skip hire and operates two licensed sites including a waste transfer station and a recycling distribution facility.

Waste on its ways to RDF processing in LondonWhile Haulaway can deal efficiently with most of the waste it receives, successfully recycling 93% of materials, it was the remaining 7% of wastes that led to the partnership with McGrath enabling them to achieve almost 100% recycling rates, more than meeting their own client’s targets.

McGrath won the contract through a competitive tender; their established Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) processing facilities creating a perfect fit for the residual wastes Haulaway needed to outsource. The quality of McGrath’s RDF product, their processes, systems and compliance makes the transportation from East Sussex to Barking near London  a sensible and cost efficient proposition.  The streamlined tipping process at McGrath’s MRF creates a fast turnaround: its fully automated, 24/7 self-service facilities enable Haulaway to schedule their waste deliveries in advance, to travel at a time when traffic congestion around London will be at a minimum.

“McGrath has proved to be the perfect partner for us,” says Haulaway’s Business Development Manager, Steve Walton.  “We can rely on their efficiency both in terms of their RDF processing and in the accompanying documentation. By working with McGrath our residual waste is made into a high energy-yield fuel and we achieve almost 100% diversion from landfill.”

Waste to Energy (WtE) takes waste and turns it into a useable form of energy such as electricity, steam and heat through incineration. The McGrath Group produces this fuel using the residual wastes that are too small or contaminated to be recycled and are left once all other recycling processes have been exhausted. The Group has been supplying refuse derived fuel materials to recovery facilities since 2010 and the environmental benefits of the process make this a growing area of the business.

Haulaway is a family run, recycling and waste management company based in Hailsham, East Sussex providing skip hire, rolonof, grab, tipper and plant hire.