Our People – Richard Kearns

Posted on: 26 Nov 2018

Richard Kearns has been at the McGrath Group since 2001 and is the Fleet Engineer for all of McGrath’s vehicles.

What does your role involve and what do you enjoy the most?

I am the McGrath Group’s Fleet Engineer, I am responsible for maintaining all of McGrath’s vehicles. This includes servicing, repairs, breakdowns and ensuring all vehicles are up to date with their MOT’s. McGrath currently have a full range of fleet including skip lorries with trailers, hook loaders with trailers, tipper lorries, tractor units, artic trailers, road sweepers plus grab, cage and flat-bed lorries to keep me busy.

All vehicles are on a six weekly service schedule to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

The best thing about my role I would say is dealing with a tricky problem with a vehicle, whether it could be electrical or with the Adblue system, I just really enjoy getting the bottom of it and getting the truck back out on the road.

Has a lot changed over the years?

I joined McGrath in 2001 and over the years a lot has changed, involving new models and we have had lots of different types of skip, tipper and grab lorries, rolons, dustcarts and artics which has taught me a lot along the way. We now also have the Eclipse Computer System which I can do lots with for fault finding and use for more technical issues.

We have also been awarded FORS Silver. All our vehicles have CCTV, side warning systems for cyclists and pedestrians plus a warning for our drivers which we maintain.

McGrath is making progressive changes to its fleet and its newest vehicles all meet Euro 6 standards to reduce the level of emissions and help improve air quality.

And outside of work what do you enjoy doing?

I like to try to get to the gym to keep fit as much as possible as some of the lorries are quite tight to get under! I also have three children to keep me and my wife very busy at the weekends with family activities such as swimming, visiting kidspace, the park and taking the dog on walks to different forests with sometimes even a nice pub lunch.