Meeting the standards

Posted on: 20 Apr 2017

Following the creation of a real-time reporting service, together with a report that incorporates Scope 3 emissions, it seemed prudent for the McGrath Group to set about obtaining PAS 402:2013 accreditation, a specification for performance reporting that can be adopted by waste management organisations.  In 2016, on the back of their reporting service, the McGrath Group became one of the few companies to be accredited with PAS402 – this accreditation further demonstrating the company’s commitment to their clients to produce accurate reporting relating to the disposal of waste and supporting their Zero to Landfill philosophy.

Following their annual audit at the start of 2017, the Group is pleased to announce that they have retained PAS402:2013 compliance, verified by the Green Compass Scheme.

Verification was undertaken by an independent, UKAS accredited inspection body and included assessments of McGrath’s environmental, quality, health & safety performance, practices, procedures and policies. The specification provides the framework for the demonstration of performance against key areas of delivery, including landfill diversion and materials recovery, assuring potential and existing customers of the service they are procuring.

McGrath’s Business Director, Tara Donaghy, commented:

“We know from experience that achieving PAS 402:2013 is hugely beneficial.  It demonstrates best practice in the industry by meeting the increasingly exacting demands to report validated recovery data. This verification is essential for reassuring our clients and for securing new business and we are delighted that our procedures satisfied the inspectors.”

The aim of Green Compass is to support the waste industry to move towards a truly sustainable approach to managing waste whilst providing customers with validated landfill diversion data. The McGrath Group goes further than this by providing clients with an accurate breakdown of the destinations of their wastes by hierarchy categories as well as data on net and gross carbon emitted during the management of the materials.