Meet the team – Tony Cronin

Posted on: 3 Apr 2017

We talk to Tony Cronin, our Barking MRF Manager about the latest developments in McGrath’s waste management operations.

Tony Cronin, our London MRF Manager Having worked at McGrath’s for the last 20 years and at the London MRF since 2006, Tony is well placed to describe the enormous changes in waste management in the last ten years and explain how the company’s latest technologies and systems ensure the company remains at the forefront of service for their clients. Overseeing the yard operations, Tony has seen the benefits of the automated weighbridges and the increase in the amount of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) produced over recent years.


Have the automated weighbridges at Barking made a big impact on operations there?

Most of our clients have chosen to register their vehicles for our automated service – speed and efficiency being the incentives.  Clients are issued with a unique tag which is associated to their truck, all they do is swipe their tag on the key pad which recognises the vehicle and company.  The system is quick and uncomplicated to use, and provides our clients with full traceability of their tipping.

And this service is available 24/7, are many clients making use of McGrath’s night-time opening hours?

We have some clients who almost exclusively tip during the night.  The roads are so much quieter for them so that the journey time is shorter and it makes scheduling easier.  They still have the benefits of being able to check themselves in and our operatives are on-site to help them once they are through to the tipping area.

Are you seeing an increase in Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) production?

Certainly.  When I was first working at the MRF we used to just recover wood and cardboard – the rest went to landfill.  Now many more materials are sorted on the picking lines with only the residue going to our baler where it is shredded to the optimal size, baled, wrapped and transported to our partners in Europe for incineration for fuel.  Some waste management clients will only tip their residue waste with us – it offers them a practical, environmentally responsible solution which helps theirs and their customers recycling figures.

How big is the team at Barking?

We currently have 110 people working at the London MRF.  Being open 24/7 requires a larger work force but offers our operatives a degree of flexibility when it comes to working hours.  Night shifts suit many of them – our customers are not the only ones keen to travel into London when it is less busy!

Overseeing the yard must be physically demanding?

Correct.  I am not sitting at my desk all day and I do like to keep fit.  I ran the London Marathon in 2015 and the Great North Run last year which I hope to repeat this year.

Tony running the 2015 London Marathon