Industry Collective

Posted on: 21 Jun 2018

The McGrath Group has joined the RDF Industry Group which provides a platform for this specialist sector to explore the opportunities and issues surrounding the export of RDF from the UK and Republic of Ireland to mainland Europe.

The Group currently comprises of 31 members spanning the RDF supply chain, from major UK and European waste management companies through to businesses across the RDF logistics supply chain.

The McGrath Group specialises in processing refuse derived fuel (RDF) and has been supplying materials to recovery facilities since 2011. The tremendous environmental benefits of the process make this a growing area for the company.

Tara Donaghy, Business Director of the McGrath Group commented:

“As early adopters of this technology, we understood that the process would divert more of the residual wastes from landfill and provide valuable low carbon energy. We have developed one of the UK’s most sophisticated facilities for producing a variety of RDF and developed established channels to a number of facilities in Europe.”

The RDF Industry Group reports there has been a significant increase in the amount of UK waste being exported to mainland Europe as RDF since 2010. RDF exports from the UK have increased from just 0.01 million tonnes in 2010 to 3.6 million tonnes in 2016. The export of residual waste as RDF, that otherwise would have been landfilled, allows a significant amount of material to be moved up the waste hierarchy, a principle that is enshrined within law. It also brings environmental benefits; over 700,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved in 2016 by exporting RDF for treatment in Europe instead of landfilling in the UK. This is equivalent to taking over 740,000 cars off the road.

Tara Donaghy of the McGrath Group further commented:

“We are looking forward to being part of the Group and alongside it’s other members representing the industry through providing a collaborative, expert voice when it comes to RDF exports.”

Waste consignments tipped at McGrath’s MRF in Barking are processed to extract any metallic or mineral items. The non-mineral residues are then bulked using bespoke, integrated cross wrap/baling plants, into durable bales for safe and secure transportation to Waste to Energy facilities. The system is fully compliant with all legal requirements (EA, TFS, Financial Bonds and Insurance).

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