Countrywide network

Posted on: 8 Sep 2017

McGrath used its network of approved recycling partners to work with Breyer Roofing during the summer break this year on scheduled roofing repairs to schools across the South East and South West of England.

Working within this fixed timetable, McGrath was tasked with finding and vetting suitable waste management companies in each project’s location who they could trust to manage wastes to the required standard.

Scott Wood, Business Development Manager at McGrath said: “The school holidays always present us with a logistical challenge due to the time constraints.  This summer was a particularly busy one but we have systems in place and were able to manage our contractors to ensure that all wastes were managed correctly and in a timely fashion.”

“We have been working with McGrath for 20 years and are happy with the reliable service that both McGrath and their trusted partners provide” said Breyer Roofing’s George Tinsley. “There are many exceptional employees at McGrath who go above and beyond to ensure that our working relationship exceeds expectations.”

McGrath also work with Breyer Roofing on some of their council regeneration projects which, while they don’t have the same pressure to complete within a tight time frame, will often remain operational during works, raising a different set of challenges.

Breyer Roofing is one of the UK’s largest specialist roofing contractors.  In business for over 60 years they are approved by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, the industry’s leading trade body.