All Clear

Posted on: 21 Jun 2018

Waste left in Hackney, London A successful site-clearance was conducted in April 2018 by the McGrath Group to facilitate the redevelopment of land owned by Thames Water. Over 1200 tonnes of wastes were removed from the 8-acre site in Lea Bridge Road, Hackney, London then sorted for recycling at McGrath’s Materials Recycling Facility just six miles away.

In March 2018 travellers had broken into the site, occupied it and used it as an illegal waste transfer station leaving a multitude of different waste types for us to capably and sustainably dispose of once evicted from the site.

The McGrath Group used its expertise in managing mixed waste streams including potentially hazardous material by undertaking thorough checks and cleansing any contaminants found on the site in preparation of the clearance. A 360-degree excavator was used to sort mostly building wastes into separate material streams during the 10-day project, before being loaded onto Rolonoff vehicles for transportation to the MRF in Barking.

The McGrath Group provides site clearance services to assist site owners to comply with all current legislations ensuring that their sites remain safe and clean.

We own a comprehensive range of waste handling equipment and understand the tight deadlines due to the nature of these projects. Our specialist teams directly employed respond to the client’s needs and the latest developments occurring on the site.

Our facilities use the very latest in sorting operating technology to process waste into individual material streams ready for re-processing into raw materials for manufacture into new products. Materials that cannot effectively be segregated for recycling are diverted from landfill and processed into a material suitable for fuel generation.  This is known as RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel.

Electronic waste transfer consignment notes are issued for all materials we manage in compliance with the client’s Duty of Care obligations. Our digital data capture systems enable us to provide complete chain-of-custody reporting from collection to final destination.  Lea Bridge Road, Hackney, London

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