Across the Weighbridge

Posted on: 25 Nov 2019

Enhanced MRF in BarkingThe McGrath Group have installed two new state-of-the-art weighbridges at their Barking based Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).

With investment of over £60k for both weighbridges from Avery Weightronics, the No.1 manufacturer of weighbridges, McGrath now offer a 50-tonne capacity and wider entrance facilities to our customers whilst continuing to offer a fully automated experience at check-in.

McGrath’s weighbridges and MRF are open 24 hours per day and with the self-service facility plus the new technology, the turnaround time is reduced and prevents any potential traffic build up.

The system uses intuitive and interactive software which allows drivers to enter the site using touch-screen terminals accessible to them from their cabs. Drivers book themselves in and declare what they are carrying whilst the weighbridge technology takes digital images of the load and vehicle number plate, which then tallies with the inputted information.

Tony Cronin, Barking MRF Site Manager said “This makes the entire process of checking-in at our MRF faster and more efficient for our customers. As waste data is automatically produced and recorded, this also allows us to provide more immediate and thorough reporting to our customers without delay.”